November 2003

Daddy was still updating this every few days at the beginning...

Aunt Susan, Cousin Maria, Mom, Lucie, and Aunt Margaret The papparazi Babies in the wild Yet another cute outfit
Man! She sleeps a lot! Pretty in pink Thumbs up! (From Maggie) Another pink picture (from Maggie)
What a cutie! (from Maggie) And another sleeping picture (from Maggie) Boy! am I tired... More pink? Don't I have any other outfits?
Sleeping with Mommy Just a swingin'! Sleeping on Mommy again Floating on cloud nine?
A little princess Back in the brain scrambler Look! I have arms and legs A visit from Will (and his dad, Chris)
Look! I do sleep in my cradle What is going on behind me? Sleeping again Destined to be a foot model!
Bath time! Drying off The Very Hungry Caterpillar It was a rough night...
Mommy actually put me in pants! Lucie and Gran Lucie & Mad Dog I have a hand!
How can this be comfortable? Check out these shoes! A visit from Maggie Look! I do sleep (must be during the day)
Those are fish - not ducks... Oh no! I'm naked! Uncle Greg Now that's pink!
Danger, Will Robinson! Look! I can sit up already! Check out these pants! En garde!
Do you believe Mommy drew this? We both survived a bath My friend, Diane A gift from the Olsons
Sleeping with a friend Sleepin, again Just sittin' in the blue chair Here's lookin' at ya!
How do you sleep in something that bright? Still a burrito baby Just hangin' out She was happy for Marta...
She slept for Mel... But then she was back to normal...